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  • Mojo Potatoes
    Russet Potato/Seasoned Breading/Campfire Sauce7

    Zucchini Planks
    Bread Crumbs/Red Sauce/Parmesan 9

    Freeport Fries
    Russet Potato/Garlic/Parmesan 6

    Old Bay Chips
    Old Bay Season Salt/Dill Aioli 6

    Brussel Sprouts
    Garlic Parmesan/Sherry Balsamic Drizzle9

    Cajun Shrimp
    Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp/Cajun Seasoning/Bleu Cheese 12

  • Summer Shrimp Salad
    Spring Mix/Jerked Walnuts/Cucumber/Bleu Cheese/Tomato/Raspberry Vinaigrette 18

    Lily's "Burgh" Salad
    Spring Mix/Cucumber/Red Onion/Tomoato/Egg/French Fries 12

    Classic Caesar
    Romaine Lettuce/Caesar Dressing/Parmesan/Croutons 8

    Dressing choices: Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Italian

    Add a protein: Chicken 4 Shrimp 6 Beef 8

    Soup Of The Day
    Cup 6 Bowl 8

  • Served with choice of fresh cut fries, homemade chips, or coleslaw

    Lily Burger
    6 oz Burger/Romaine/Tomoato/Pickle/Red Onion 13
    Choice of cheese 1

    Buffalo Chicken Wrap
    Breaded Chicken/Cheese Blend/Buffalo Sauce/Lettuce/Tomato/Onion 13

    Chicken Salad Wrap
    Mayonnaise/Dried Cranberry/Walnut/Greens/Red Onion 12

    Chicken Bacon Swiss
    Chicken/Bacon/Swiss/Lettuce/Tomato/Red Onion/Pickle 14

    Blackened Chicken Caesar Wrap
    Blackened Chicken/Caesar Dressing/Bacon/Cherry Tomato 12

    The Reuban
    Applekraut/Corned Beef/1000 Island/Marble Rye 13

    The Rachel
    Turkey/Coleslaw/Bacon/Swiss/Marble Rye 12

    Turkey Wrap
    Chipotle Aioli/Red Pepper/Greens/Tomato/Red Onion/Swiss/Garlic Basil Wrap 12

    Fish Tacos
    Blackened Cod/Pico De Gallo/Coleslaw/Sweet Pepper Aioli/Cilantro 14

  • Served with choice of soup or salad

    Flat 4-Iron Steak
    Flat Iron/Bourbon Cream/Potato/Veg of Day 23

    Fish & Chips
    Battered Cod/Frech Fries 16

    Broiled Cod
    Cod/Gremolata Panko Crust/Veg of Day 16

    Smothered Chicken
    Beer Cheese/Bacon/Green Onions/Roasted Sweet Peppers/Potato of Day 17

    Ask your server about vegatarian options.

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  • We offer a variety of beers on tap and in bottles, including domestic, imports, IPA's, and crafts.

    Single cans and 6-packs are available for purchase. We also have a fully stocked bar with different spirits and wines.

Opening May 10!

We are excited to announce we will be opening May 10!